Comanche Trace is a commercial developer. They claim that their golf courses are “great habitats,” even though golf course deplete natural habitats and use pesticides that poison groundwater.
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  • Active Ingredient Potential Health Effects*

  • Benfluralin Decreases red blood cell count and hemoglobin concentration
  • Benomyl Causes low birth weight
  • Chlorpyrifos Impairs nervous system function
  • Dicamba Toxic to fetus
  • Diquat Causes cataracts
  • Disulfoton Impairs nervous system function;causes optic nerve degeneration
  • Pendimethalin Toxic to liver
  • Propoxur Impairs nervous system function
  • Thiophanate-methyl Decreases sperm formation, causes hyperthyroidism
  • Thiram Toxic to nervous system
  • Triadimefon Decreases red blood cell count

Golf course pesticides are often used preventively. As a result,
more pesticides than necessary are used and over the long run, it will require the use of even
greater amounts of pesticides to have the same effect. What’s more is that pesticides are used to
kill insects. Insects are a necessary part of a healthy habitat and ecosystem. Thus, it does not
seem likely that golf courses are great habitats

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