Acute Health Effects:
Human Health Effects or Risks from Exposure:
Adverse effects on human health are not expected from Simple Green�, based upon twenty years of use without reported adverse health incidence in diverse population groups, including extensive use by inmates of U.S. Federal prisons in cleaning operations.
Simple Green� is a mild eye irritant; mucous membranes may become irritated by concentrate-mist.
Simple Green� is not likely to irritate the skin in the majority of users. Repeated daily application to the skin without rinsing, or continuous contact of Simple Green� on the skin may lead to temporary, but reversible, irritation.

Medical Conditions Aggravated by Exposure: No aggravation of existing medical conditions is expected; dermal sensitive users may react to dermal contact by Simple Green�.
Chronic Health Effects:
No information provided.
None of the ingredients are regulated or listed as cancer agents by Federal OSHA, NTP, or IARC.
First Aid:
Eye contact: Reddening may develop. Immediately rinse the eye with large quantities of cool water; continue 10-15 minutes or until the material has been removed; be sure to remove contact lenses, if present, and to lift upper and lower lids during rinsing. Get medical attention if irritation persists.
Skin contact: Minimal effects, if any; rinse skin with water, rinse shoes and launder clothing before reuse. Reversible reddening may occur in some dermal-sensitive users; thoroughly rinse area and get medical attention if reaction persists.
Swallowing: Essentially non-toxic. Give several glasses of water to dilute; do not induce vomiting. If stomach upset occurs, consult physician.
Inhalation: Non-toxic. Exposures to concentrate-mist may cause mild irritation of nasal passages or throat; remove to fresh air. Get medical attention if irritation persists.
Health Rating:
Flammability Rating:
Reactivity Rating:
0 = Minimal
1 = Slight
2 = Moderate
3 = Serious
4 = Severe
N = No information provided by manufacturer
The addition of an asterisk (*) after the number indicates that exposure to chemicals in the specific brand could also pose a chronic hazard (such as emphysema or kidney damage).

CAS No / Unique ID
as shown on this website:simple green all=purpose cleaner

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