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Sand and gravel may seem unlikely choices for a water filter—yet water has been filtering through them underground since the Earth's beginning. Spring water passes through porous layers of sediment, as it moves through the underground layers, and minerals become dissolved in the water. The result is natural spring water, which just may be "some of the best tasting water on Earth".
We capture this spring water at its sources, provide additional filtration and seal the original quality inside the bottle. Our rigorous bottled water quality control standards help us make sure that you will enjoy the same crisp, delicious water every time you take a sip.
To assure quality from spring to bottle, at least nine quality checks are conducted every hour on each bottling line to measure the consistency of taste, mineral content, pH and other quality parameters.

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Skip The Sugar and Be Healthy =)

A typical 12 oz. soda contains the equivalent to 10 teaspoons of sugar. Water has no sugar. Replacing one soda daily with water can cut 3,650 tsp. of sugar a year from your diet.
If you eat a healthy 2000 calorie diet, the U.S. Agriculture Department recommends you limit sugar consumption to about 40 grams or 10 teaspoons a day.2 That's just about the amount of sugar in one 12 oz. can of soda and some sodas contain even more!3 Making Poland Spring® Brand Natural Spring Water your beverage of choice for daily drinking can reduce the impact of sugar in your diet and help you live a more healthy lifestyle.
Studies demonstrate that people who drink sugary sodas consume more calories in a typical day than those who don't.6 That means replacing soda in your daily diet with water such as Poland Spring® Brand Natural Spring Water might be one of the best steps you can take to help control weight gain and put you on track for healthier living.

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DID YOU KNOW that your brain is 73% water? Drinking water throughout the day can help you stay hydrated and mentally alert.

Studies carried out on healthy adults show that moderate dehydration (just 2% of body weight) can temporarily affect certain cognitive functions such as concentration and alertness, producing a state of mental fatigue.7 This means that not drinking enough liquids can have a negative effect on your mental performance impacting both your personal life and your work performance.
Dehydration becomes even more critical during periods of intense exercise, heat exposure and illness. In order to keep your body properly hydrated, make sure you always have a bottle of Poland Spring® Brand Natural Spring Water in hand at the office and at home, and be sure to drink regularly throughout the day.



Did you know this bottle can be recycled? But fewer than 25% of all plastic bottles actually recycled. We need your help. BE GREEN!

The Container Recycling Institute estimates that 75 to 80% of plastic bottles end up in landfills or incinerators.1 We want to be part of the solution. Every bottle produced by Poland Spring Water Company is recyclable. We also support curbside recycling and deposit programs because both methods have proven to be highly effective for all types of recyclable materials.
We believe the greatest impact we can have today to protect our environment is to design lighter bottles that use less plastic. Our lighter plastic Eco-Shape® bottles are easier to crush for recycling and require less energy to produce.

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We could write more on a bigger label, but saving trees is important. By keeping it short, we're saving almost 10-million lbs of paper per year in the U.S.- that's about 30,000 trees.

external image trees.jpgIt takes approximately 6 trees to make one ton of paper. Junk mail in the United States alone consumes over 100-million trees every year.2 With thoughts like that in mind, we're making smaller labels for our bottles. By cutting back on the amount of paper we use, we're helping reduce the deforestation of our woodlands. We're also helping to conserve considerable amounts of clean water and energy used in the paper manufacturing process. The less paper we use, the more trees we save for a greener environment.
Additionally, we are the first beverage manufacturer to build plants in America with LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification. By maintaining these high standards, we've saved vast amounts of energy, reduced toxic gas emissions by millions of pounds and diverted tons of solid waste from landfills since receiving our first certification in 2003.


This bottle is than most half-liter beverage bottles because it contains an average of 30% less plastic. It's another way we're reducing our impact on the environment.

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Our Eco-Shape® bottle reduces our use of PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) resin, which is oil (and natural gas) based, by 65 million pounds in one year. Because our Eco-Shape bottle is lighter, it requires less energy to make - resulting in a reduction in CO2 emissions.
Our goal to do more with less is making progress. In the last five years, we have reduced CO2 emissions by 30 percent for every liter produced. Over the last decade we've saved 245 million pounds of plastic resin through light-weighting initiatives such as the Eco-Shape® bottle. Further light-weighting planned for the half-liter bottle will result in another 10-15 percent reduction in packaging weight. It's all part of our continuing effort to reduce our impact on the Earth and our natural resources.

Edited by: Molly McCullough