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Windex Nature's Source Natural Glass & Surface Cleaner came in a clear 26 ounce spray bottle and was sold along side the other glass cleaners on the market. It stood out (to me) to look different from the other Windex products in that it was not colored! The spray bottle is easy to use and has a trigger spray typical of most other glass cleaners.

Ingredients: Purified Water, Corn Based Ethanol, Plant Based Cleaning Agent, May Contain: Synthetic Fragrance, Stabilizer, Preservative

It pretty much uses similar ingredients for any other "natural" based glass cleaner I have tried ... so my guess was that this particular product, Windex Nature's Source Natural Glass & Surface Cleaner, would perform the same.

It is used on:
external image global_icon_flower.pngCeramicexternal image global_icon_flower.pngGlassexternal image global_icon_flower.pngPlastic
external image global_icon_flower.pngChromeexternal image global_icon_flower.pngMirrorsexternal image global_icon_flower.pngStainless steel

Enjoy a natural kind of shine. This biodegradable cleaner from the makers of Windex® keeps your countertops sparkling and windows streak free—naturally. Simply spray on, wipe and let the plant-based cleaners do their work. You'll enjoy the good feeling that comes from making a smart choice for you, your family and the planet.

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For some intereating facts from a video

Some Eco-friendly words:

Last year we launched a lighter 32-ounce bottle for products like Windex® glass cleaner, reducing consumer waste by 908,000 pounds annually.

Since 2001, we’ve eliminated more than 61 million pounds of VOCs from the environmental footprint of our products.

From 2000 to 2007, we cut the greenhouse gas emissions from our worldwide factories by 15 percent.

From cogeneration to wind power to turning waste palm shells into fuel, we now source 36 percent of our global electricity from renewable energy.

In the past ten years, we’ve given nearly $170 million in philanthropic contributions to improve quality of life around the world.

What they predict is going to happen:

The world today faces many challenges. The global economic downturn is
having a tremendous impact on companies and economies. At the same time,
the planet’s population is closing in on seven billion people, with the resulting
food, shelter, energy and social needs having devastating consequences.
Some predictions indicate that at current consumption rates, we will simply

run out of natural resources in 40 years.

We looked for more impactful ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
Today we power our largest global factory, Waxdale, with cogeneration
using methane gas from a local public landfill. At our factory in Michigan,
we’ve replaced half our annual purchase of coal-fired electricity with wind

power instead. In Indonesia, we now burn waste palm shells for fuel, requiring

80 percent less diesel fuel than we did two years ago. As a result of initiatives
like these, we’ve cut greenhouse gas emissions from our worldwide factories
27 percent since 2000. And, each time we achieve our goals, we continue to

set new ones.

Edited by Dusty Tidd
January 27.2010