7up...misleading or not when it says "100% All Natural"

False Information
False Information

The manufacturer of 7UP is falsely advertising the soft drink as "natural" in its current television ads.

The company markets 7UP as "100 percent natural" in its new marketing campaign. Although several artificial ingredients have already been removed from the recipe, high fructose corn syrup remains, and is anything but natural. High fructose corn syrup is manufactured from a process by which starch is extracted from corn and converted with acids or enzymes into glucose and fructose.

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CSPI to Sue Cadbury Schweppes over “All Natural” 7UP
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High Fructose Corn Syrup Not Remotely Natural, Says CSPI
Sunny new television ads for 7UP show cans of the drink being picked from fruit trees, or harvested from the ground, yet there is no fruit juice in 7UP. The narrator says it “tastes better than ever because we stripped out all the artificial stuff leaving just five all natural ingredients.” Besides carbonated water and high fructose corn syrup, the other three are citric acid, unspecified “natural flavors,” and potassium citrate. Though not any better or worse nutritionally than plain table sugar, high fructose corn syrup is spawned from a complex, multistep industrial process by which starch is extracted from corn and converted with acids or enzymes into glucose and fructose.


Is "Natural" better?

Possibly. But will you pour 15 tsp of natural sugar in your bottled water?
It is disappointing to find that the new 7-Up still contains 240 kcal per bottle. In the end, the new 7-Up is still a soft drink. In other words, it is still a bottle of sweetened water. The dietary guidelines recommend that we limit added sugars to about 8 tsp a day for an average 2000-calorie diet. One 20 oz bottle of the new 7-Up contains more than 15 tsp!

7 Up new natural soft drinks
7 Up new natural soft drinks
Natural Thirst Quenchers:
  • Calorie-free bottled water
  • For a real crisp and refreshing lemon-lime drink, squeeze some real lemon and lime juice in plain water
  • Real fruit juice
  • Low fat (1%) or skim milk

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Cadbury-Schweppes says it will no longer market 7UP as "All Natural." Rather, the company says it will highlight ingredients "for which there is no debate" over whether they are natural, which will obviously exclude the controversial factory-made sweetener known as high-fructose corn syrup.


Edited by: Blake Barker on January 28, 2010